You might have created your marketing funnel and kept an eye on the metrics for detailed analytics. But are you still suffering from poor conversion rates? Do your total customers be just a fraction of the total visitors of your page?

What comes next? How can I improve the conversion rate?

Your work does not end with setting up the funnel. You need to do some twitches on improving your overall conversion rate. These are the prominent three techniques used to boost your conversion.

Onsite Display

Customers prefer personalized marketing messages. Helixo’s audience targeting features allows you to do create customization. Specific content can be displayed to the right person at the right time. This depends on their onsite behaviour and your knowledge about them. A targeted offer that acknowledges them is more likely to result in a conversion of the customer (For example, a welcome back message when they return to your site).

Think about specific actions your customers are taking and strategize the displays based on that behaviour. Using our exit intent trigger, you can display a  message before they leave your site. It could convince them to stick around your site for a while longer.

A/B Testing

A/B testing, which is also known as split-testing, shows two groups of people a web page with slight differences. Almost half of all marketers perform these A/B tests on their website to ensure quality. The features which are commonly tested are:

  • Copy
  • Buttons
  • Page layouts
  • Pop-up triggers
  • Colours

These tests can allow you to identify the favourite features of your user.

Display slightly different page variations to audiences at each stage of the funnel. Measure the difference in your target metric. You might find that some buttons have a great conversion rate when in a particular style or colour than it’s other variants. Your website can be tweaked accordingly.

Cart Abandonment Emails

Around 72% of merchants consider reducing the number of abandoned carts to be one of their top challenges in the eCommerce business.

Personalized and targeted abandoned cart emails could get the people back into your marketing funnel and convince them to complete a purchase.

The process for this begins even before writing your emails. Onsite exit-intent pop-ups can ask your customer to join your email list. This step is vital as the email address is required to send them emails. Once the lead is on your mailing list, take a look at the products abandoned in the cart and try to identify their pain points. The emails can be then drafted accordingly.
The conversion rate of your eCommerce business can be boosted with these three techniques. Using a sales funnel engine can simplify the process and get your eCommerce store the much-needed boost. Grow your business with ease.

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