Upselling Made Easy: 3 Proven Strategies To Make More Profit

Your Shopify store might be ready, products listed. But now comes the task of increasing the sales. Here is where upselling and cross-selling has an important role to play.

Upselling and cross-selling are powerful topics that add more revenue to your store and skyrocket your profits.

Let’s look at what these strategies are.

Upselling is the technique of promoting or recommending products of the same type but at a higher cost and quality. Cross-selling strategy is the technique where you recommend the customer with other items that would make a great combination with the original item.

Let’s have a look at an example. You are looking for a remote powered toy car. If you recommend a car of higher quality and more features, that’s upselling. Now, you recommend the customer with batteries along with this purchase. That’s cross-selling. Each of these strategies increases the average cart value.

Let’s take a look at a classic example. When you are buying a burger from McDonald’s, you are often asked if you would like fries and a drink along with it, which is often tempting. Congrats! You just got upselled.

Upsell on your Shopify Store

Top Upselling Strategies You Need

Choosing Upsell or Cross-sell

The first step of a successful sales strategy is deciding what we should upsell and what to cross-sell. Let’s have a check.

Product upgrades

Let’s say you are selling a table fan. The customer is currently looking for a 3-speed version. List them the 5-speed version, which is priced slightly higher. It’s natural for a customer to be tempted to buy the better version. This increases your average cart value

Frequently Bought Together

This highly effective strategy consists of both cross-selling and upselling. Over 35% of the revenue generated by eCommerce giants, Amazon, are generated by their recommendation engine.  You recommend the customer with products that would be a great combination with the original item. For example, a customer is looking for a smartphone. Recommending them a phone case and screen guard is a good suggestion that would benefit them. This, in turn, would increase your overall sales.


Bundles are another great strategy to reap more revenue for your eCommerce store. You offer customers discounts when you buy products as a bundle – either the same product in greater quantities or different products as a single purchase.

Let’s discuss with some examples.

Suppose, you are buying a smartphone. You may need a screen guard for the smartphone. The eCommerce store would list the smartphone along with the screen guard as a bundle. with a 5% discount on the total value. This is a classic example of selling products as a bundle.

Let’s take another case. You are buying a pair of socks. The store offers you a 5% reduction if you are buying 10 of them, and a discount of 10% if the quantity is 25 or higher. This is an example of a quantity bundle.

Always Offer Upsell

The more you offer an upsell to the customers, the greater the chance of them buying the product. Hence, offer an upsell or cross-sell wherever it makes sense.

Some key areas where you can offer them are:

On product pages: This is a glorious chance for you to showcase various versions of a product.

While adding items to the cart: You can show them supplementary products which would be beneficial to them, thus increasing the average cart value.

However, ensure that you do not overdo the upsell listing. Promoting your upsell every time, at pages where it’s irrelevant, can annoy your customers. This can even result in them not buying from you.

To showcase the upsells and cross-sells the right way on your Shopify store, you need a dedicated app like Upsell Funnel Engine. This app helps you in placing upsells and cross-sells the right way.

Relevant Upsells

Relevance of the product is the key to upselling. If you are selling shoes in your eCommerce store, there is no point in recommending a book. However, you could recommend shoes of better quality or even a pair of socks that would go well with the shoes.

The golden rule of upselling or cross-selling is always to recommend your customers with relevant products that would give them some value.

Concluding Thoughts

The strategies that we have discussed are the basics of upselling tactics that generate your eCommerce store greater returns. But how can I implement upselling on my Shopify store with ease? The solution is simple – Upsell Funnel Engine. This ultra-lightweight simple yet powerful app increases your store revenue by hooking customers with irresistible offers all across their journey on your store.

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