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Extremely lightweight app that never slows down your store

Ultra lightweight Power-packed Upsell App 🔥
That never slows down your store 🚀

Stop losing, start Leveraging

Leverage existing visitors to make bank

Not upselling? You are leaving money on the table 💰

Earn more without paying more on store traffic 🏆

Pre / Post Purchase Funnels

Revenue is the ultimate aim

🛠 Setup post-purchase upsell. If the customer rejects?

⚡️ Give them irresistible downsell = Happy Customer + Increased AOV 💰

Easy One-Click Purchases

Never let the customer think

💪🏻 Simple or complex upsell funnels – we have got you covered.

🤝 UFE travels along with the customer, let them checkout with One-Click.

We built to solve your problems

Simple, yet powerful features you need

Loaded The Best Features

Feature #1

Launch Funnel in 30 Seconds

  • Simple or complex sales funnel strategies? We have got you covered 💪🏻.
  • 🚀 Simple User Interfaces makes it launch under 30 Seconds.
Launch in 30 Seconds - Upsell Funnel Engine - Shopify Upsell Funnels App
Lightweight Upsell App - Upsell Funnel Engine - Shopify Upsell Funnels App

Feature #2

Extremely Lightweight

  • UFE Script is extremely tiny which is 😱 700% less size than the competitor apps.
  • Delivers lightning fast performance via ⚡️ CloudFlare® Edge CDN.

Feature #3

Build Unlimited Sales Funnels

  • 🎉 No Limits. Build unlimited sales funnel strategies.
  • 🏅 Your Strategies + 💪🏻 Our Platform + ⚡️ Google® backed Infrastructure.
Unlimited Sales Funnels - Upsell Funnel Engine - Shopify Upsell Funnels App
Split Test (A/B Test) Support - Upsell Funnel Engine - Shopify Upsell Funnels App

Feature #4

Split (A/B) Testing

  • 🧪 Perform A/B tests with different creatives and offers to optimize sales funnels and improves conversions.
  • ⏳ Realtime split test performance monitoring dashboard.

Feature #5


  • 100% optimized Mobile-First Design 💯.
  • 📱Dedicated Mobile Sizeable Funnel Designs.
Support All Payments - Upsell Funnel Engine - Shopify Upsell Funnels App

Feature #6

Payment processors? We Support Them All

  • 💸 Works perfectly with all payment processors.
  • ⛳️ Uses Shopify native checkout. So, all payments are supported including Shopify Payments.

Feature #7

No Junk codes in theme

  • 🤮 No junk code injection (results slow store) into the theme like popular upsell apps.
  • 👌Uses Shopify recommended App Embeds.
No Junk Theme Code - Upsell Funnel Engine - Shopify Upsell Funnels App

Feature #8

Talk in Customer’s Language - Multilingual Support

  • 🌎 Multiple Languages support out of the box.
  • 🤝 Create and show upsell offers in customer’s own languages.

Feature #9

Real-Time Analytics

  • 👩‍💻Monitor Upsell Funnels performance in real-time.
  • 🤔 Boosts your decision-making process.
Realtime Analytics - Upsell Funnel Engine - Shopify Upsell Funnels App
24x7 Customer Support - Upsell Funnel Engine - Shopify Upsell Funnels App

Feature #10

24x7 Customer Support

  • 😇 Need Help? Talk to our Shopify experts.
  • 💬 With one click chat box inside the app.


Start small, scale large with pay-per-use pricing

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Always FREE 🎉

  • Total monthly orders less than 50
  • Unlimited Upsell Funnels
  • Unlimited Downsells
  • Unlimited Page Views
  • Unlimited A/B Testing
  • High Speed CDN Caching
  • Ultra lightweight Script
  • Chat/Email Support
  • No credit card required
Install Now

Pay Per Use

starts from $9.99/ MO
  • Total monthly orders more than 50
  • Unlimited Upsell Funnels
  • Unlimited Page Views
  • Unlimited A/B Testing
  • High Speed CDN Caching
  • Ultra lightweight Script
  • Chat Support
  • 24x7 Email Support
  • Check the below table for price breakdown
Install Now
Simple Pay per use plan!

Pay as you grow! Starts from $0/Month

Pricing is based on the total orders in the store, not generated by the app.

Orders Per Month Features Price
0 – 50 Full Features FREE
51 – 100 Full Features $9.99
101 – 200 Full Features $19.99
201 – 500 Full Features $29.99
501 – 1000 Full Features $49.99
1001 – 1700 Full Features $79.99
1701 – 2600 Full Features $99.99
2601 – 3600 Full Features $129.99
3601 – 5000 Full Features $159.99
5001 – 10,000 Full Features $189.99
10,001 – 30,000 Full Features $199.99
30,001 – 60,000 Full Features $229.99
60,001 – 100,000 Full Features $249.99
> 100,000 Full Features Contact Us


We have answers for your common questions

Questions? Answered.

Will Upsell Funnel Engine work with all payment providers?

Upsell Funnel Engine is compatible with any payment providers, as we make use of default Shopify checkouts. Integration with ReCharge and Checkout-X will be supported soon.

Does the app modify and mess my theme?

Never. Unlike other apps, Upsell Funnel Engine left the garbage code script running after uninstalling. Our script only works when the app is installed.

Does the app affect my store speed?

Never. Unlike Most of the apps, our script is extremely lightweight which is 700% smaller than competitors.

Is the tiny script is a marketing gimmick?

No. We do care, merchants in mind while developing the app so we have done high-end optimizations for delivering blazing fast performance.

How much will it cost?

Upsell Funnel Engine (UFE) is completely FREE until 50 total store orders. After that, costs start from $9.99 per month based on the monthly orders volume. See the cost table above.

Does UFE support multiple languages?

Yes. UFE supports translations out of the box. You can use any language of your choice.

Does the app have a free trial to try out?

Yes. UFE has a 7-day FREE trial + You will only get charged once your total store orders reach 50.

Will UFE work in mobile devices?

Yes. we designed UFE as a mobile-first app, which resizes and looks well on mobile devices too.

💸 No Credit Card Required 🚀 100% FREE

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Upsell Funnel Engine is a no brainer to get ahead of the competition in the competitive market 🎉.

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