These 5 Shopify apps will help you create a better eCommerce store

5 Shopify Apps You Must Have

Managing an eCommerce store on Shopify is no child’s play. You need to oversee a huge amount of tasks. The list includes listing the products on the store, page optimization, SEO, shipments, marketing, increasing your Average Order Value, currency conversion, and more. A store owner can get easily overwhelmed with maintaining their eCommerce store. A slight fault in any of the tasks can result in a catastrophe for the store.

Thankfully, the Shopify app ecosystem is powered by various apps that can help you in maintaining your eCommerce store and monetize. These apps make the lives of store owners easier, helping them to focus more on their business. We have made a list of apps available on Shopify that we hope could boost your business.

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Upsell Funnel Engine

Upselling And Cross-Selling

Upselling and cross-selling are two key sales techniques that can help your eCommerce store generate more revenue. Often, users use various apps to satisfy various upselling strategies, which adversely affects the speed of the store. Here is where Upsell Funnel Engine (UFE) comes in handy. 

UFE provides multiple upselling solutions, yet is ultra-lightweight. This ultra-lightweight, yet powerful app can increase the revenue of your Shopify store by providing your customers with exciting offers and an engaging experience, with no compromise to the loading speed.

What separates this app from the rest is you can get all your upsells and cross-sells on a single platform, rather than having multiple apps, which ultimately slows down your store.

Upsell Funnel Engine is a perfect choice for Shopify merchants who want to grow and optimize their store revenue. Moreover, the app integrates well with Bucks Currency Converter, a free app to convert your currencies.

The app can:

  • Create upsell / product bundles
  • Split test upsell offers
  • Get real-time analytics of your sales
  • Schedule offers

You can use the app for free for up to 50 monthly orders. The pricing depends upon your monthly sales orders made through the app.


Dropshipping Product Importer

Oberlo is a perfect app for dropshipping services, allowing store owners to easily import products in a single click and have products for your store from the time you sign up. Gone are the need for a bulk inventory and extra expenditure on manufacturing your own products.

This app is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to start a low investment business. The app can also process all the orders made.

The app can:

  • Find trending products worldwide to dropship
  • Ships the products from the supplier directly to customers
  • Track all orders with ease

You can use the app for free. However, to unlock all the key features, you need to upgrade to a premium plan that starts at $29.90 per month

BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++

Currency Converter

When you open your store on Shopify, your shop will be visible to customers around the globe. This means that customers with various currencies view your product. And that’s exactly why you need BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++.

This lightweight app detects the geolocation of the customer and converts the cost into their currencies. This encourages more international sales for your products. And all at blazing speed.

The top features:

  • Instantly convert prices
  • Requires no coding
  • Work with any there
  • Accurate currency conversion

The app is free of cost and can be installed with a single click.


Email Marketing

One key strategy to rope in more visitors and turn your new buyers is email marketing. Seguno is a great app that helps you implement this online marketing strategy with ease. The app helps you in sending welcome emails to new customers and also generate thank-you mails. This, in turn, helps you in building trust among customers and ensure they always come back to your store. 


  • Automated system to send welcome and thank-you mails
  • Turn visitors into regular customers
  • Generates unique discount coupons

For the first 250 subscribers, you can get the services of Seguno for free.

Plug In SEO

SEO Optimizing App

Search Engine Optimization is a must-have strategy for any online business. Plug n SEO is a tool you need to have to ensure the SEO of your store is always sound. This automatically detects all the SEO aspects of your store, which includes keywords, speed, content, broken links, and other issues, eliminating the need to optimize each page.


  • Sends email alerts whenever an SEO issue occurs
  • Gives free instructions to fix the issues
  • Checks and improves SEO of the website

You can conduct the basic scanning for free. However, to unlock more features, you need to upgrade to a premium plan that starts at $20/month.

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