Increasing Your Average Cart Value With 10 Upselling Tricks

10 Upselling Strategies You Should Try

We have all experienced upselling in one way or another. Be it adding fries when you have purchased a burger or buying a phone case along with your smartphone, we have rolled out a little more cash to make the purchase more valuable. An online store with no cashier to ask if you need a complimentary product doesn’t mean that upselling is not possible through an eCommerce platform. In fact, upselling increases the purchasing power of your online store.

In 2012, Amazon registered a 29% increase in its sales after introducing upselling. They implemented this technique as “Frequently bought together” and product recommendation panes. Various upselling strategies can be implemented into your eCommerce stores, helping you gather more sales.

Be Tactful

Offering an upsell on every page and harassing them will hinder your sales and impact your business badly, instead of helping them. Upsell is to improve the customer experience, not to annoy them. The upsell needs to be tactfully placed in one or two pages, instead of spamming it everywhere. Using an upsell funnel engine for your Shopify eCommerce store is the ideal solution.

Limit The Price Jump

The general thumb rule of upselling is you don’t offer an upgrade which is greater than 25% of the original product. If a product costs $ 100, suggesting a customer pay $500 as an upgrade is not a great idea. It’s ideal to offer an upsell or cross-sell product which keeps the total value below $125.

Subscription As An Upsell

If you don’t have a relevant, bigger and better product to upsell, try offering a subscription as an upsell. A subscription is equally good as offering a product. They increase customer retention and bring in recurring revenue to the eCommerce business. Subscription packages add convenience to the customer as well as the online store, making it a good choice.

Make It Easy

The convenience of shopping is the key to customer happiness and retention. Customers must find it easy to add upsell products to their carts. Using an Upsell Funnel Engine in your Shopify eCommerce store is the best ideas. These engines allow one-click upsell, helping the customer purchase the products with a single click, making their experience a smooth one.

Offer A Product Bundle

A cool technique to increase the cart value is to offer a product bundle instead of a single add-on. These product bundles can gather the attraction of the customers and has a better chance of buying the product. But ensure that the bundle doesn’t cost more than 25% of the original product.

Incentivize your upsell

Online shoppers love free shipping. This can be used as an advantage, especially if you are providing a free shipping service. Instead of offering free shipping for any purchase, you can mention it free for over a certain value. If a product costs near to the free shipping value, mention that they need to spend an extra for the free service and then offer an upsell product.

Use a recommendation widget

Product recommendations are a great way to gather more sales. Displaying a row of personalized recommendations is entices the customer to your business and tempts them to add the product to your cart. A perfect upsell funnel engine can do the trick for your eCommerce store.

Leverage reciprocity

The concept of reciprocating is simple. If you do a favour, you can expect the customers to return you a favour.  But how do you implement that in your eCommerce store? By providing discount and offers. You can expect a customer to buy more when offers are provided. If you are a service provider, you can offer the service for free for a few days as a trial period, gaining their trust.

Upsell The Most Sold Products

What should we upsell? Always remember that we need to upsell products to add value and improve the life of a customer. For example, if we are providing an upgrade of a smartphone, we then are offering something meaningful to a customer. Using an upsell funnel engine in your Shopify eCommerce store helps you to showcase the relevant and popular products as an upsell.

Make Multiple Offers

It’s great to provide multiple offers to your customers. Why not offer both upsell as well as cross-sell, making their order better while increasing your revenue. It’s ideal to promote upsell at the product page and cross-sell at the checkout page, It’s a great way to generate more revenue.
Upselling is an easy and revenue earning strategy if implemented properly. The best way to implement an upsell in your Shopify eCommerce store is by using a upsell funnel engine. With Helixo’s upsell funnel engine exclusive for Shopify, take your eCommerce business to new heights.

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