What’s New in UFE 2.0?

New Features divided into 3 Categories 🎉


  1. Ability to add multiple widgets in any page 🥳
      • Use Cases
        1. We can place a volume discount offer and a bundle offer on the same page
        2. Ability to add widgets in Collections and Homepage
        3. Added Main settings — settings inherited to all funnels
      • There are 3 settings available
        1. Main Settings – If you set an option in this settings (eg: countdown timer, theme colors), it will be inherited across all funnels, no need to change your brand colors every time.
        2. Funnel Settings – The scope of the funnel settings is inside a funnel, if you change timer turned off in the funnel settings then, all widgets in that funnel are inherited by these settings.
        3. Upsell Settings – These settings are specific to the particular widget — if you change a color / upsell style in widget settings, it will only affect that particular widget only.
      • Priority Order
        • Upsell Settings > Funnel Settings > Main Settings
        • If a button color set in Widget settings has a high priority that the same button color set in funnel settings than the Main settings


  2. Reset settings & apply settings to all widgets option 
  3. You can reset the changed settings to default settings if you messed up anything 
  4. You can also override settings from funnel settings to the widget settings 

Funnel Specific 💪🏻

  1. Add Funnel settings — settings inherited to all widgets
    • You can set a setting that needs to be inherited to all widgets
  2. Added Floating style widget
    • Button floating in the screen
  3. Variant specific trigger product (show the offer only on specific variants)
    • You can set an offer to a particular variant only.

Eg: Show a black color cover offer when the customer selects an iPhone black variant (won’t show to other variants)

  1. Ability to add the funnel trigger for “all products” and “specific products”
    • You can forget the way of selecting 100s of products manually, Now you set an upsell offer to all products in the store in a single click
  2. Ability to add the funnel trigger for “all pages” and “specific pages”
    • You can now show an upsell offer to all of the pages
  3. Added Filters option to further filter widgets
    • Now you can narrow down the audience to show the upsell offer


  1. Show the upsell widget to only to the people in US and UK
  2. Exclude some products from the selected trigger collection

Widget Specific 🔥

  1. Added Immediate Trigger & delay to open trigger
    • You can show popup immediately after loading the page with time delay
  2. Added Quantity Selector
    • You can allow customers to add multiple quantities of the offer product
  3. Added Variant Selection for Volume discounts
    • If you are adding volume discounts, then customers can select mix and match different variants and bulk buy
  4. One-click checkout for a single product offer (removed add to cart button form single offer)
    • If you have an only single product in the upsell then you can set the customer to checkout with a single click
  5. Ability to hide mini cart
    • You can hide the mini cart from the popup
  6. Added close button for popup
    • Customer can close the upsell widget popup and continue shopping
  7. Variant specific offer (apply offer for specific variants only)
    • You can give a discount to only selected variants in a single product
  8. Added delete button for added offers
    • Customer can delete the added upsell within the popup
  9. Added Most popular selector (added badges, colors, etc)
    • You can set the most popular offer among the multiple offers displayed in the upsell widget
  10. Added 20+ awesome fonts + inherit store font support
    • You can set custom fonts for your popup
  11. Added Reject action on popup close button
    • You can also show the downsell offer when the customer tries to close the popup
  12. Added bundle with trigger product
    • You can create bundles with the trigger product

Eg: If you set the funnel trigger as a collection or tag then, the customer can purchase the bundle with the product that’s included in the collection

  1. Added Templates and Themes
    • We’ve introduced Templates and Themes section to support upcoming designs
  2. Added more colors customization options
    • All translation text can be customized
  3. Added customization (bold, italics, colors, emojis, etc) to all translation texts
  4. Added free shipping option
    • You can set free shipping along with the upsell product
  5. Ability to position offer widget anywhere
    • Place the widget in anywhere in the page

UI/UX Improvements 🎨

  1. More user-friendly design — complete redesign from scratch
    • We’ve redesigned the entire dashboard UI for ease of access and analysis
  2. More efficient and small SDK script
    • We’ve redesigned our SDK script injected to the store with a much more efficient way and still in small size
  3. New & Improved dashboard design with more accurate analytics
  4. Custom date based analytics
    • You can get analytics based on the date ranges
  5. Added Desktop and Mobile live preview of widgets
    • You can see how the widget looks like in the real device
  6. Automatic sync of Shopify native variant selector with the volume discount widget


Thank you for installing UFE 2.0!