How does AI-driven product recommendation work?

It exceeds mere suggestions and offers personalised suggestions that are specifically tailored to the individual customer's needs, interests, and shopping patterns.

What is an AI-driven product recommendation?

With this functionality, you can automatically recommend related products to the customers based on the given product.
Whether you're looking for normal upsells, bundle upsells, or FBT (Frequently Bought Together) upsells, our recommendation engine has got covered.

How does it work?

                                                Product  Recommendation
Product Recommendation
  1. Create a new funnel and Add widget.
  1. Choose an Upsell Type:
      • Normal Upsell
      • Bundle Upsell
      • FBT Upsell
      Note: Product recommendation is not possible with volume discount offers.
  1. Select "Automatic" Product Recommendation:
      • Our Shopify product recommendation engine will handle the selection process.
      • You can also choose the "Manual" selection if you prefer to curate the related products yourself.
  1. Enjoy Recommendations Across Different Pages:
      • Product Page : Find related products based on the main product which is viewed by the customer.
      • Cart Page : Discover products that complement the items in their cart.
      • Thank You Page : Get recommendations based on their purchased products.
      • Collection Page : Explore related products that belong to a specific collection.
      • Home Page : See upsell triggers that highlight related products.

Additional Options :

  1. Limit : Set the maximum number of recommended products that customers want to see. For example, customers will receive three product suggestions if you set the limit to 3.
  1. Strategies : Choose between "related" or "complementary" strategies for generating recommendations. The default value is "related."
    1. Related - Provide customers with a selection of products that are similar to the product with which they are interacting.
    2. Complementary - Provide customers with products that are complementary to the product they are interested in.

Limitations of our recommendation logic:

  • Downsell
    • Automatic recommendations are not available for downsells.
      • If an upsell or cross-sell is created, it is not possible to use the product recommendation as a downsell.
      • Additionally, it is not possible to create product recommendations as a downsell for products that have already been created as recommendations.
  • External orders:
    • Recommendations will not generated for the orders imported from external stores or e-commerce platforms.
  • Unavailable products/gift cards:
    • Out-of-stock or zero-priced products, gift cards, and products already in the cart are not included in recommendations.
  • UFE Discount:
    • Discounts from our UFE (Upsell Funnel Engine) cannot be applied to recommended products.
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